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The garden was begun in 1987 by the lovely Dave and Sue Rowe who put their heart and soul into helping us create such a truly magical place. It contains a variety of habitats, with a grove of mature beech trees, shady woodland conditions, sun-drenched borders and spring-fed ponds. Numerous plants, trees and shrubs have been planted over the years, with a wide variety of perennials, many of which are extremely unusual and rare. In 2002, the gardens and nursery were extended into a further acre-and-a-half of adjoining hill-pasture. Beyond our borders, there is a rugged mountain landscape. We are very pleased to find that the relative oasis of our garden has become a haven for all sorts of wildlife. In springtime it is filled with the song of nesting birds, and is home to numerous butterflies, moths, bees, dragonflies, newts, frogs, hedgehogs and wild hares, whilst overhead the sky-larks sing and, the birds of wilder landscapes, the red kites, buzzards, ravens and occasionally curlews fly and call. We would like to think the gardens are accessible to all however, the natural lie of the land means the garden is only partially accessible to certain types of scooter, wheelchair or frame users.